The Village Square

The Village of Forget is currently in the process of tailoring the square to the dreams of the villagers. This includes:


  • Community Bulletin Board for Announcements of Interest (beside mailboxes)
  • Children’s Playpark and Swing Sets (completed 2020)
  • Larger Children’s Climbing Park (currently fundraising)
  • Basketball ½ Court (under construction)
  • Pickleball/Volleyball/Badminton Nets (stored in the Village Shed at the park, under construction)
  • Soccer Nets and Balls (stored in the Village Shed, under construction)
  • Benches, Picnic Tables, & Garbage Bins
  • Walking Trails


  • Community Outdoor Skating Rink (Winter 2020-2021)
  • Community Outdoor Krokinole Rink  (to be constructed: goal Winter 2021-22) 
  • Snowshoes and Skiing Routes (posted on Bulletin Board)

A Day in Our Village…

  • Walk the village, pet the horses, watch the chickens!
  • Bike the village or RM roads and enjoy the absence of traffic.
  • Pick up fresh eggs from Gowen’s mini farm.
  • Instagram photo sites.
  • Church “Stations of the Cross” and commemorative historic mini-church. 
  • Walk the decommissioned CP Rail beds through the village and for 2 miles in each direction.
  • Request a tour of the Waldner straw bale eco-construction (end of Mainstreet and Railway).
  • Pop into a local campfire and hear music.
  • Book a brunch, supper, or concert at the Happy Nun Café.