Shannon Shakotko Music Studio

Shannon Shakotko, MAEd, MAIS

I offer music Lessons in piano (Piano Adventures, RCM, chording/accompaniment, composition, improvisation) and voice (technique, tone, customized repertoire.) I require an instrument to be learned alongside, so that you will be able to accompany yourself. I can teach guitar or ukulele)

Singing in the Dark: A Groovy Grief Group

For those who are living through and/or with loss. Come learn some basic ukulele chords (uke’s provided), sit in a circle, and sing with each other! All timbres and pitch’s welcome. There is something unifying, bolstering, and comforting when voices are raised together.

My Philosophy of Music and Teaching:

  • I want my students to love music for their whole life.
  • I want to teach in a way that gets people closer to their musical goals.
  • I want my students to have multiple musical experiences and opportunities to put their music in context (i.e. accompanying, singing along to your own playing, writing your own songs, playing/singing at open mic’s or in church, playing with a band/jamming, etc.).

“Although music played and sung in solitude has its own way of working our stories out, I truly believe that music shared tumbles these stories together into the canorous narrative of human-beingness with all its resonant joys and sorrows.”

Shannon Shakotko


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 47, Forget, SK, S0C 0X0

Physical Address: 801 Stoughton Street

Phone: 306-897-0275


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